Welcome to Brittaige Structures Inc.

Brittaige was formed in 2002. It was created with the goal of achieving an internationally accepted standard of construction via automation, so therefore the design of our equipment we chose is of the top standard in the world, “California Code”. Everything Brittaige builds be it housing, commercial etc, is built to California code for Light Gauge Steel.

As a result of our research we have put together what is undoubtedly the best construction system in the world. We have renamed it Prodstruction because we do not want to be recognized alongside average prefab housing, we are at a much higher level. If you have read all our brochures, you will have grasped an understanding of exactly where we are at. We have gone from a high speed automated drill systems in the early stages, right through to robotics. A very important point with robotics is in most of the world where we do business needs to employ people. Our robotics do not cut back on labour, in fact they increase the amount of labour needed, because there are more people needed on the finishing end in order to keep up with what the robots can do. Very shortly we will be exposing the complete system to the world, making it available for the world to purchase. At this point in time, we are still holding a lot of the details internally.

Our vision is that with the help of the great personnel working directly with Brittaige and our corporate affiliates, who have been involved in the development of the system, is to present to the world something they have never seen before. Our construction system will build your houses for less money; we will build them to a much higher standard, being earthquake/hurricane proof and even tornado resistant. We believe that the 2 Brittaige systems, the BAP System (the Non-Robotic System) and BARAP System (the Robotic System) will be the norm for most construction in the world within two decades. Since we are in the early stages, we are going to make a major impact on the market, very quickly. You will see this before the end of 2011.



    Key Personal

  • Nigel Allanson, Founder, President and CEO

    Nigel is an achiever of the Harvard Business School, Culture of Excellence programme and a licensed building contractor in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the past 8 years. He began working with automated construction in 1984, specifically related to the cultured marble, granite and onyx industry. Nigel was involved in the automation process from the manufacturer to installation. The techniques he developed are still being implemented by companies throughout the world today. In the early 1990’s, he then moved on to Corporate Management, being responsible for profits of up to half a billion dollars per year. Nigel has built companies from the ground floor up and then sold them. In 2002, he saw a need for automated construction, which had to uphold the same standard as a regular conventional construction. For the last eight years, Nigel has worked with many well known International Companies and with many experts in the field of automation. The end result is the BAPS and the BARAP systems of which he’s called Prodstruction (Prodstruction meaning construction on a production line). It had to be renamed as it is like no other automated system in the world. He truly believes it is the number one and the most advanced system in the world.

  • Carol Beck, Executive Assistant

    Carol has worked for twenty plus years in the Insurance and non profit industries, in the capacity of a claims negotiator and office manager administrator. Carol has worked for the last 5 years with Brittaige as the CEO’s personal assistant, which in that time she’s developed her profound skills for organization and administration. This career was directly linked to the construction industry which in turn was renamed prodstruction.

  • Michael H. Lockwood, Legal Department

    I have practiced law in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the past 30 years, having been admitted to practice in 1980. The majority of my practice has been centred around general corporate and corporate real estate matters.

  • Brittainy Allanson, Finance

    Brittainy, daughter of the CEO recently graduated with an accounting degree from Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After her graduation, although working full time in accounting she is also continuing her education. She has a love of mathematics and is a bit of a wiz and did not enter the field of accounting to become a bean counter, as she puts it, so therefore her continuing education hopes, are for her to reap the qualifications to become our CFO in the future. Her determination and hard work, leaves us with no doubt that this will happen.

  • Dave Grafton, General Manager of Merrick Machine Company

    Dave Grafton—General Manager of Merrick Machine. Dave holds a engineering degree in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, and has been with Merrick Machine company since 1991. Dave started as the Assistant Sales Manager, and then move up to Sales Manager, worked on the production floor as the Production manager for a few years. Then Dave became the Operations Manager for Merrick Machine Co. Dave now is the General Manager of the Company and runs the day to day operations of the company, ordering of supplies, and overseas the manufacturing process. Dave background in Steel International Construction has been a asset in the development of the Triad Steel Wall Panel Framing Equipment.

  • Brad Pattison, Head of Engineering for Merrick Machine Company

    Brad Pattison – Head of Engineering for Merrick Machine Company. Brad has been with Merrick Machine Company since 1983. Brad was educated at Iowa State University and holds an Engineering Degree in electrical and mechanical engineering . Brad has been instrumental in the development of over 100 different machine, in 6 different industries. Brad not only has developed the Industry leading Wood Wall Panel Line, but also developed the industry standard for Steel Framing Wall production. Brad is very educated in mechanical, structural, pneumatics, programming, and systems production. With his 28 Years in wall Panel Engineering he has developed more wall panel lines than any other engineer in the industry.

  • Lowell Tuma, Sales Manager for Merrick Machine Company

    Lowell Tuma—Sales Manager for Merrick Machine company. Lowell has been with Merrick Machine company since 2001. Lowell started with the company as the assistant sales manager for Triad and Ruvo Product line, his responsibilities included, quotes, layouts, and marketing of the Triad Wall Panel Systems. Later Lowell was promoted to the Sales Manager of Triad/Ruvo. In Lowell’s 10 years with the company he has been involved in hundreds of Wall Panel Systems that have been sold, shipped and installed, everything from the layout of the line, to the specifications of the line production. He has a lot of experience in the field with Steel and Wood wall Panel Production Plants.

  • Don Karr, Marketing/Sales & Corporate Communications

    After graduating from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in marketing, Don began working for Barber Industries Ltd., one of the founding Canadian manufacturing, service and supply companies to the Canadian and International upstream oilfield and gas industry as sales coordinator. Don quickly moved up to marketing and advertising manager. Barber Industries was purchased by Bralorne Resources Inc., a publically traded company on the TSX. Don then took on the duties for marketing, advertising and trade shows for Bralorne and it 20 plus holding companies. After 25 years with Barber and Bralorne, Don moved to Tesco Corporation also a new Canadian oilfield service company and started as Advertising Manager, creating the companies first marketing department. For over 10 years Don was involved in all aspect of the corporation from investment presentations, public relations, product launches, corporate and product and service branding, market research, domestic and international trade shows, marketing and advertising campaigns. Over the years Don has received numerous awards for marketing, and advertising and has many magazine cover photos to his credit. Don left Tesco and has been working hard behind the scenes putting together all the marketing collateral for Brittaige Structures Inc.

  • Lew Mearns, Sales & Business Dev.

    Lew has spent most of his life in the service industry, predominately high end - 5 Star facilities. He has an amazing personality which gives him the ability to meet and communicate with very important contacts. This has led to extremely valuable relationships for Brittaige. Brittaige considers his communication skills to be very important for the purpose of business development.

  • Jake Stevens, Marketing Consultant

    Following 10 very successful years in the City, trading foreign exchange for M.W. Marshalls and culminating his financial career in a final year working overseas in Frankfurt for Exco-Bierbaum, Jake’s background for the last 12 years has predominantly been in the advertising and publishing sector. Initially launching his own company in 1998, namely Property Mart Magazine, a local property magazine advertising properties for sale and to let by local estate agents, he grew the business organically to become the largest independently owned property publication in the UK, spanning 3 counties and circulating over 4 million copies per year. After selling the business in 2001 to a Highbury House Communications PLC and becoming a main board director he then pursued his passion of publishing and marketing again, by launching Life Publishing Ltd in 2003. This time the portfolio of products consisted of both property and lifestyle publications covering the Cambridge and Essex areas until 2007 when the business was again sold to Archant Ltd, one of the country’s largest publishing houses

  • Johnny Peng, Prodstruction™Manager

    John has vast experience in construction management and it’s rare to find someone that also has experience in automated construction management. His experience spans from China to Europe to North America. This will benefit us in the management of the set up of all our initial plants.

  • Jim Kiesler, On-Site Engineer

    Owner operator of Western Steel, Jim has been a licensed California contractor since 1972. He has specialized in Light Gauge Steel construction ever since. He is also a member of numerous professional organizations including the North American Steel Alliance and is currently operating and building with his own company Western Steel in Madeira, California. Jim has played a key role in the assembly of the Brittaige modules and has had all the adjustments he devised approved under California and US building codes.

  • Jose Valtierra, Prodstruction™Training Manager

    Jose is a true manager whom could never sit behind a desk. He has US certifications as a millwright, an electrician and a welder. Jose owns an electrical company in Lima, Peru. A cement company in Mercet California and a fabricating company in Tucson Arizona, all of which he built and are being ran by relatives. He has 15 years of Light Gauge Steel experience including 7 years with automated framing systems from early generation right up to Brittaige. He also has available multi trade professionals.

  • Terry Sherrat, Training Associate

    Terry has toured North America demonstrating his unique systems of working with drywall and associated products lecturing at home shows and seminars. He has had a contractor’s license in Canada for 30 years and his own drywall company. He was one of the originals in the use of automated taping equipment and is a master. Terry has been key in the development of our exclusive methods of avoiding messy drywall mud.

  • John David Murphy, Training Associate

    David has 25 years as a licensed contractor in Fredericton, New Brunswick and currently Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a journeyman tile setter and has used automated tile equipment since close to its inception 20 years ago. He has been a great assistance to Brittaige in helping us learn, that in a controlled environment we can lay our flooring at a pace to keep up to the rest of the Brittaige system. As a trainer for Brittaige, he is a very important part of the puzzle of our system. He was instrumental in the development our exclusive adhesive products.


  • Merrick Machine Co

    Throughout the housing industry, Jim Merrick is considered one of the true pioneers in the invention of Automated Machine Tools for housing production. Starting with the invention of a Window Frame Machine back in 1960, Merrick Machine Company, under the "Triad" brand name, has gone on to develop Wall Panel Fabrication Machines, Fastening Equipment and Sub-Component Machines.

    Over the years, Triad has produced more than 12,000 machines for housing. Quite literally, hundreds of thousands of homes have been built on Triad machinery. And being so built, they have made the American dream a little more affordable for thousands of families.

    Nearly 50 years have passed and the business climate has changed since Jim started a small machine shop in Grand Island, Nebraska. However, the Triad Companies have proven to be more than a success. Today, under the direction of Richard Merrick, Jim's son, the operations of the five companies are located in Nebraska and Colorado. Primarily a family operation, it now includes a third generation (Jim's grandson) Russell Merrick as the current Operations Manager of TMC Corp.

    For over 50 years Triad has been the leading manufacturer of automated, semi-automated and manual wall panel equipment, sub-component systems, and Floor Builders, as well as the automated Smart Stair Router (SSR), the Template Stair Router (TSR), and now the Open Stringer Saw (OSS).

    Triad took its experience in the wood Framing industry and created the Wall Panel Industry for Light Guage Steel. Triad has built, shipped and installed more Wall Panel Equipment than all of it’s competitors combined. No matter if you are a high volume, or low volume operation, Triad has the experience you need and the right answers to help you grow

    The Triad Companies, the parent company, retains its headquarters at Alda, Nebraska (population. 400) thus maintaining a rather modest identity but the success of both the companies and those that use their products are anything but modest.

  • Keymark Software

    Since its inception in 1975, Keymark has been the leading software innovator for the building and construction industry. Out of the basement of his Chicago home, Keith Dietzen, President of Keymark Enterprises, wrote the original software system that automated calculations and cutting functions for truss manufacturers in both residential and commercial construction. Keith’s goal was to help simplify the building process for customers. In 1985, Keymark moved to Boulder Colorado, the company’s current headquarters. Now, over thirty-five years later, Keymark has grown to over 60 employees, and has moved well past their mainframe computer software beginning.

    Keymark is continuing to set the standard for construction industry software. Keymark’s product suite has grown substantially from the initial truss calculation and automation software Keith developed, and is now a complete, integrated solution from whole house design to beam sizing and floor layout. Over the past thirty-five years, Keymark has experienced solid growth as a company, remained independently owned and continued to expand the software and services offerings as well as their industry experience. In 1984, always at the forefront of the industry, Keymark developed the first software to automate the engineering of Engineered Wood Products and then went on to develop the first whole house design software to automate all the analysis of the gravity and lateral loads from roof to foundation and size members.

    Keymark has over 35 years of experience and over 60 employees, including some of the best software developers and engineers in the industry. Keymark understands the construction industry and knows their customers and their business. Keymark has developed software to help engineers, designers, builders, and materials suppliers to streamline their business processes from start to finish and reduce overall costs. Keymark now offers a complete, integrated suite of construction industry products and services; all with the same goal of simplifying and automating the building process for their customers. Keymark is dedicated to helping customers gain control of their business and can even help customers recreate their business by automating the building process throughout all of the various stages and steps—from design to construction. With Keymark, you will find that your designs are more accurate, your predictions for materials and labor are more precise, and that the output is more reliable and of higher quality. Additionally, as a result of the accuracy of the new designs and building processes, wasted time and materials can all be reduced. At Keymark, it is our ongoing mission to continue leading the industry through innovation and most importantly to continue working with you, our customers, to help you take back your business.

  • Lincoln Electric Company of Canada LP

    Lincoln Electric provides world’s leading products and services to the arc welding industry. Throughout the world, Lincoln is recognized as the technological leader, and for its commitment to provide the most innovative and cost effective welding and cutting solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary, the Lincoln Electric Company of Canada’s manufacturing and engineering expertise is a major contributor to the corporation’s global pre-eminence. Canada’s arduous climatic and geographic conditions create tough welding challenges. The company’s highly trained and motivated work force has developed products and solutions to meet these rigorous demands. “Products that meet the challenge year after year”.

    The company’s success in supplying the Canadian market is based on complying with rigid quality standards set by Lincoln world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. These are machines that have become synonymous with the name Lincoln Electric, “Built to last”.

  • C.L. Peng Construction Management Inc.

    C.L. Peng Construction Management, Inc. is a full service general contractor firm with an accomplished record in project management of several commercial retail facilities. C.L. Peng Construction Management, Inc.’s growing project portfolio consists of quality building and renovation projects in the commercial construction industry: • Commercial • Retail • Education • Special Projects

    Our professional construction project management, consists of the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting our client’s requirements to produce a functional and financially viable project completed within the time schedule and authorized budget while maintaining the required quality standards.

  • Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., established in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products including air conditioning and heating systems, energy recovery and fresh air ventilators, solar energy solutions, hand dryers, projectors, digital photo development systems, imaging printers, security recorders, display walls, LCD displays and large scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. With 80 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and construction. No matter what you do, or where you live, work or play, chances are a Mitsubishi Electric product touches your life.

  • Fanuc Robotics

    Since 1985, FANUC Robotics Canada, Ltd., has provided innovative robotic systems and local support for customers located in Canada. The 50,000 square foot, full-service facility offers engineering, systems integration, training and demonstrations, 24-hour support and spare parts. A 5,000 square foot office located in Lachene (Montreal) provides sales, engineering and technical service support for Quebec based customers. Founded in 1982 as a joint venture between FANUC Ltd. and General Motors, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of FANUC Ltd. in 1992. FANUC Robotics America, Inc. and FANUC Robotics Europe are owned by FANUC Ltd. of Oshino-mura, Japan. Headquartered in Luxembourg, FANUC Robotics Europe S.A. serves customers throughout Europe. Sales, service and support are provided worldwide



  • Sino Source Group Ltd

    Sino Source Group is a sourcing and importing company dedicated to helping companies, particularly those within the construction industry, lower their material and logestics costs. With offices around the globe, Sino Source Group are globally minded, yet locally focused.

  • Stone Tile Inc.

    Stone Tile was formed by John David Murphy. They have achieved many major projects including the WestJet terminal at the Calgary International Airport and the famous hand cut 400 ft long image of the Statue of Liberty in the floor tile at the USA Immigration building in Calgary, Canada. They specialize in fine finish flooring. They’ve had the need to develop a fast way of laying and setting all forms of tile and natural products. They have been key in the development of the specialized Brittaige adhesives.



  • Falcon Engineering

    Falcon Engineering is a Canadian engineering, professional consultants and designs build Service company that have achieved recognition for promoting conservation and reusable energy. Our deep understanding of the culture needs and expectations of the local North American market provides us an advantage as we are able to respond promptly and appropriately to satisfy and exceed such needs.

    We strive to please our clients with our high bench mark services and are very passionate to deliver high quality work. We specialize in consulting services for both commercial and industrial facilities with high quality, affordable solutions to saving energy, utilizing state of the art technology. The company, with over 40 years of combined experience, has been providing professional consulting and turn-key services to manufacturing and marketing sectors. We have the extensive experience, technical and managerial expertise to successfully serve all types of properties/facilities that include commercial and residential buildings institutions (schools, hospitals, and government complexes), manufacturing and industrial facilities, recreational facilities, healthcare, pulp and paper, mining, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and preventive maintenance support.

  • Western Steel

    Western Steel is one of a number of California based Light Gauge Steel companies incorporated by CEO Jim Kiesler. This company has worked on numerous projects in the housing and commercial industry including projects for well known organizations such as Walt Disney Corporation and Wal-Mart. Although involved in all levels of structure due to high demand, they have specialized in automated Light Gauge Steel construction of trusses. Their unique expertise is steel trusses has been passed on to Brittaige. Although in some markets, trusses are unimportant or not needed whereby in the British market in particular, 95% of homes have thatched roofs. The knowledge we have gained from this alliance has helped incredibly in developing the Brittaige automated truss system. Our alliance with this company enters the realms of great importance.



  • Green City

    Green City’s most recent interests have been related to Energy, Climate Change, Clean Air, Emission Reduction, Sustainable Development, and Biomass Waste to Renewable Energy. Recently, they have focused in particular on renewable “drop-in” fossil fuel replacement.

  • Waterleau Group

    The Waterleau Group is a Belgium company. Waterleau operates from its headquarters near Brussels, the heart of Europe. Waterleau is one of the few global players with a complete portfolio of Water, Air and Waste Treatment and Energy Recovery applications. Waterleau offers environmental services and solutions to both municipalities and industry in general and is world class with specific reference to Anaerobic Digestion.

  • OriginOil Inc.

    OriginOil is a company which specializes in Algae Farming. The CO2 gas and nutrients from the anaerobic digestion process are fed to the algae for rapid growth. This process has the capacity to produce renewable fuels from Bio-Oil and also can produce human food, food supplements and high protein supplements for fish and livestock feed from Bio-Mass. This type of farming reduces growing costs and waste problems and generates a revenue stream.